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Bearχive is an automated scraped collection of tests and study guides for UC Berkeley STEM courses, pulling from HKN, TBP, and internal Math databases.


An experiment in large scale Student Performance Analytics: AnnPod is designed to help instructors identify critical topics by analyzing Piazza contributions and topics through time

prob140 the library

A Berkeley library for probability theory. Written for Prob140 ( by Jason Zhang and Dibya Ghosh.

Minecraft AI

Using reinforcement learning to design an intelligent AI for Minecraft. The model uses image analysis to "see" it's world and optimizes play in a closed system

Data Science Toolkit

Data Scientist's Tool Kit: A collection of tools to graph,analyze,and visualize data in SQL Databases. Intended for large data loads, this allows for quick analysis of data in an unparalleled fashion


gsExport is a utility designed to help educators simplify and streamline the process of grading student notebooks. Designed to alleviate the struggles realized in UC Berkeley’s Data 8, the system allows students to easily export Jupyter notebooks as PDFs which are segmented to allow for easy grading through the Gradescope interface.


A Unique Heartbeat Detection algorithm which analyzes color spectra in webcam images to predict heart rate

Hog Online!

An extension of the intro UC Berkeley CS61A project, I designed a web interface with Angular JS that connects to a Python Flask backend to play the game.